Yulia Musayelyan Quartet

Yulia Musayelyan Quartet combines modern jazz harmonies, mixed meters and improvisation with folkloric styles from Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, and Russia. The result is a colorful and distinct group sound that seeks to bridge distant traditions. The group’s debut album, Caminos, was released in 2009.

The Armenian Mirror-Spectator writes of Caminos, “[Yulia] grooves as if she were a dual-native, balancing somewhere between Armenia and Argentina.”
“Caminos demonstrates promise and fresh expression“, – Blue Music Group

Tango meets Jazz

In ‘Tango meets Jazz’, Yulia teams up with a rhythm section of Boston’s top jazz musicians: Maxim Lubarsky on piano, Fernando Huergo on bass, and Bertram Lehmann on drums. Together they weave a passionate jazz thread through some of the great gems of the Tango repertoire, featuring new arrangements of works by Astor Piazzolla, Hector Stamponi, Pedro Laurenz, José Dames, and others. The quartet also performs original compositions by Yulia Musayelyan and Fernando Huergo, heavily influenced by the Tango tradition.

Macayú Trio

A chamber jazz world music ensemble for the twenty-first century, Macayú Trio is a collaboration between flutist Yulia Musayelyan, cellist Catherine Bent, and pianist Maxim Lubarsky. The trio has been performing together since 2015 and each member contributes original compositions and arrangements to the band’s repertoire. The trio’s music lives at the intersection of cultures and continents. Bold and spirited improvisers, with a technical refinement betraying their European classical roots, Yulia, Catherine and Maxim weave a sonic tapestry of the Americas and Eastern Europe.